I would like to thank Sharon Sexton and Rob Fowler, who originated the characters of Falco and Sloane, and Andrew Polec, who originated the character of Strat. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

Rob and Sharon have an album out called Vision of You. It is excellent, it tells the backstory of Falco and Sloane. If you haven’t yet, please get a copy! This is the link: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/sharonsexton2

To download the pdf of this poem, please click below:

Called to account – A Bat Poem

If you would rather read it on this page, see below:


My past has come back to haunt me

I was being called to account

I really don’t know for what

I’m sure my past crimes will surmount.


Maybe it is just a little crime, or maybe it’s big,

But I am a bit worried as I don’t remember

Was it a very bad crime that means I could go to jail

for a very long time?

I don’t know, but whatever I have done

I might get away with a slap on the bum.


Maybe I didn’t do anything worthy of jail

Bullied someone, or worse?

I’m not that kind of person,

But was I back then?

If I did bully someone

Why am I being called to account

For my actions ages ago

It makes no sense

Unless my bullying had serious consequences.


It turned out that I didn’t do any of those things

I locked people up in a cage

Six months ago and I’m still being punished

This sounds like a part of the Bat script

That jumped right off the page.


My wife and I have a love / hate relationship

We played naughty games on a car

I did have a good time

In a place called Obsidian

My domain, and it is very under par.


Oh, how I wish I could go back

I do really love Sloane

But will I change?

I don’t want to lose her

But this is my domain.


The power belongs to me

But should I choose love or power

And keep my daughter locked up

In this Obsidian tower?


She apparently wants a boy

Called Strat

He is a member of The Lost

What do you think about that?


If I lose my Raven or my Sloane

What Part Of My Body Will Hurt The Most?



I am being called to account

Just for loving the daughter of a tyrant

Had to pretend I was dead

For the chance to see her again

It turned out alright in the end


So I have to thank that evil Falco

For bringing a daughter up

Who is so beautiful

Now we are together

No more cages, no more shackles

Just Raven and I together, forever.



Falco and I are going to try again

He was called to account by Raven and I

But he didn’t remember

We all live under the same blue sky.


In the future, what will happen to us?

Hopefully we will find once again the happiness

That Raven and Strat have

And Falco will regain my trust.


As I stand in the bedroom, with Raven and Strat

Singing Its All Coming Back To Me Now

I remember that Sloane sure is a Dead Ringer For Love

And then I remembered my vow

To love and cherish her for the rest of my life

I thought I wanted power

But it would break my heart if I lost my wife.



I am warming to Strat now

I know it’ll take some time

And my Raven is happy

That’s all a parent wants isn’t it?