Singeasy with Charlotte Anne Steen

Singeasy with Charlotte Anne Steen

What a wonderful evening I had on Monday 1 October at The Piano Works in Whitcombe Street.

Charlotte Anne Steen (Liebeswoosh from Bat Out Of Hell) has the voice of an angel and she knows how to make an audience feel welcome and engaged. The evening started with Charlotte belting out an awesome version of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. She then sang one of the best indie rock songs of the 90s, Creep by Radiohead, and I could really feel her energy and enthusiasm for the song. She really got into the character she was singing about. There are only a few singers who properly make me feel engaged like that, and I would put Charlotte alongside the likes of Meat Loaf in this way. I did have to laugh when she asked us to sing the ‘What’s going on?’ parts of 4 Non-Blondes What’s Up? as no-one really seemed to join in that well! One of the two heavyweights of BritPop was represented by Charlotte, Oasis. She sang a better version (am I allowed to say that?!!) of Don’t Look Back In Anger. I almost challenged her to sing a song by Blur to redress the balance!

(I have missed some songs out but I forgot to write them down, apologies for that!)

We then heard a song by Jennifer Hudson, which Charlotte told us she’d never sing in a musical (fill in the blanks, as I actually can’t remember the name of the song!) Fun fact: Jennifer Hudson sang with Meat Loaf on The Future Just Ain’t What It Used To Be on Bat Out Of Hell III.

The first guest appearance was Michelle O’Rourke, who sang a song from Mamma Mia (sorry, Charlotte and Michelle – what was it?) It was followed by a great version of Wanted Dead or Alive, a very amusing performance of a song from Rock Of Ages sung by Jodie Steele.

The second half kicked off with a wonderful version of I put a spell on you. Charlotte’s voice can certainly cast a hypnotic spell, Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball (without the actual wrecking ball!). Charlotte’s competition winner, Charlotte Allen, beautifully sang a haunting rendition of Candle In The Wind. Charlotte (back to Anne Steen!) sang the title song (of the same name) to the musical that she most recently starred in, I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical. The great Joseph Peacock, one of Charlotte’s Bat co-stars, sang an awesome rendition with Charlotte of Broken Strings by James Morrison, then he sang a solo of the latest song from Lewis Capaldi. Michelle O’Rourke then beautifully sang Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life. Charlotte then saved the best til last. Heaven Can Wait and It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, both from Bat Out Of Hell, both penned by Jim Steinman, and both sang my Meat Loaf (although the original was sung by Celine Dion.) As Bat holds such a special place in my heart, the tears started rolling down my cheeks!

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams was the finale to what was a wonderful evening. I am so glad I went, and I hope Charlotte does a musical evening again!

One last word to Charlotte – as Meat says, ‘Never ever ever stop rocking!)

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