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Bat Out Of Hell

Bat Out Of Hell

Yes, it’s my favourite album, but it’s also my favourite musical. I have been to see it 33 times, and I have written some stories based on the characters. This section is quite niche, and some of you won’t know the musical. But, as a special treat for readers, here is the start of my ‘mash-up’ Falco story!:

‘Go go go Falco you know what they say, go go go Falco you’ll make it someday, go go go Falco, fight til you drop, we’ve read your book and you come out on top.’

‘Darling, the strain of trying to be evil must be making you delusional. That is the wrong musical. We’re in Bat Out Of Hell, not Joseph. You haven’t even got a Technicolor dreamcoat, no dreamcoat actually. And stop singing your own praises. Furthermore, you don’t even have a book out.

‘Sorry hun, I must be somewhere else.’

Did you close your eyes, draw back the curtain, to see for certain, what you definitely knew? Raven is our daughter, she is with Strat, aaa-a-aaa, what do you think about that?, it’ll have to do.

‘Falco, you’ve got me singing it now. This lovely audience is here to see Bat, not Joseph. I keep on telling you. Now, as the ruler of Obsidian, you have lots of work to do. Now, spiff spoff or however Miss Poppins says out.’

‘Sloane, who is Miss Poppins?’