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Christmas Festivities

Christmas Festivities

Today’s story is only a very little one. Enjoy!

A delightful Christmas

The stockings were hung

By the chimney with care

Hoping St Nick

Will soon be there.


They had always looked forward to Christmas with their neighbours. Every year they got together in Jessica’s house to share a wonderful Christmas feast organised by Jessica and Woodrow. The food was amazing, the drinks were fabulous, a plethora of different meats, Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Pork. Roaring Roast Potatoes, Perfect Pigs in Blankets, Beautiful Brussels Sprouts, Curly Carrots, Yummy Yorkshire Puddings and Sensational Stuffing accompanied the meats. It was washed down by Belting Bucks Fizz and other Adventurous Alcoholic Drinks. It was followed by Cracking Christmas Pudding, Fruitilicious Fruit Salad and Marvellous Mints.


Christmas Evening came. Because their eccentrically bonkers neighbour, Micheal, was a wonderful writer and an adorable actor, they spent the evening reading stories and taking part in improvisational sketches. Then they went home and fell into bed!