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Called to Account

The Have and Have Nots

The have and have nots of the day

Have, or have not, in their own special way.

This is their poem, something different this week

So here it is, my poem I shall speak:

Mr Have was a jolly old man

Who had everything, just because he can.

He was the kind of man that was very proud

He never lived his life under a cloud.

Mrs Have Not was quite poor

She didn’t have it all, she even had a coldsore.

She treated it with a knob of Bonjela

Just the ointment for a lady called Stella.

Mr Have had a very high-powered job

He had a big vast factory, and an employee called Bob.

Working with Ferrari’s, Mercedes and Ford

He never got extremely bored.

Mrs Have Not did not have much to eat

She had to work hard for her pound of meat.

For her, food was hard to come by

She was lucky when she found an old apple pie.

Mr Have had a loving girlfriend

Who occasionally drove him round the bend.

She was gorgeous, leggy and lovely too,

She went by the same of Sue.

Mrs Have Not had only been on one date

And that was useless – a lesson in how to ice-skate.

She got up, but then fell on the ice

She hurt her leg, which wasn’t very nice.

Mr Have had lots of posh houses

He always looked good, with loads of smart trouses.

Suits galore he did wear

And the women at work, oh they did stare!

Mrs Have Not grew up without child

That made her very good mannered and mild.

Even though she didn’t have children of her own

Never, ever did you hear her moan.

Mr Have was content was his lot

So every morning he did cheerily trot

Off to work to tinker with his cars

And at 10.30 he had a cup of tea and a Mars.

Mrs Have Not was quite happy too

Just her, and her lamb stew.

She was also content with her life as it was then,

Just her, in her small cosy den.

Mr Have and Mrs Have Not, after many years

Met, where Mrs Have Not confronted her fears.

They were married five years on

Fast forward two years, and they are still going strong.