Welcome to my author website. This is a work in progress, so please give me feedback!

I have wanted to create an author website for quite a while now. I was going to create a blog instead, but as I have written a lot of stories, poems, short plays, and am still in the middle of the writing process, I thought I would create something bigger to house my growing portfolio of work.


Please click the links at the top of the page to navigate through the site (or on mobile, click the three vertical lines from the top of each page.) Let me give you a quick overview of the pages:


Welcome: This page!

About Me: A short bio.

What I write about: A quick overview of the genres I write about.

Biographical Stories: Real-life stories about my experiences. These include accounts of what I have observed while out and about.

Stories: There are various subpages here:

Free Stories – Stories that are free treats for you, the reader.

Published Stories – Stories that are available to buy from web stores (traditional book stores coming soon!)

Bat Out Of Hell – One of my passions, or ‘healthy obsessions’ as some of my friends call it, is Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical. This section contains the four stories and the poem that I have written about various cast members. It will eventually include links to the book I am writing called ‘The Winning Ticket’ which is about a man who wins a unique chance to keep the musical going in London when it is announced that it will be closing! Watch this space for a sneak peek of Chapter 1 coming soon!

Poems: Poems that I have written.

Reviews: Theatre Shows and solo gigs I have seen.

Contact: The page to which to go to contact me.

Author links: Links to other authors that have inspired me. For example, Nigel Blackman, who creates wonderful children’s books, including the Dinotek series. He also was the facilitator at my creative class. Thanks, Nigel!


Please bear with me if some of these sections are blank at the moment.