Meat Loaf – A Reflection

Meat Loaf – A Reflection

On January 20, 2022, we lost a music icon. He starred in over 60 films, and brought Jim Steinman’s music to life, who we sadly also lost at the start of 2021.

I only got into Meat’s music in a big way around 2010. My friend played me Bat Out Of Hell and, from the very first listen, I was hooked. The same for Bat II. Even though I had heard I’d Do Anything For Love when I was a teenager I hadn’t heard the full 12-minute version! That blew my mind. Following that, I brought his other albums, DVD’s, concerts, memorabilia, and documentaries.

I went to see him with in concert with a fellow fan, in April 2013. It was at the o2 in London and it started at 8pm. I momentarily forgot it started when it did and we got there for 6.30pm. I thought we’d come on the wrong night! The arena was empty. 7pm came, still no-one. I was so relieved when it got more full between about 7.15 and 8pm!

At the start of September 2016, I won a chance to get a signed copy of Meat Loaf’s latest album ‘Braver Than We Are’ and to meet the man himself! I couldn’t turn that opportunity down. A fellow fan and I went to meet him at HMV in Oxford Street. Unfortunately, we only had a minute with him, but he was very humble. It was one of the best days of my life! I even wrote him a letter to say how much his music meant to me and how to get in touch with my Osteopath (he was having back problems at the time)!

I am so glad I met him, albeit for a moment. I will miss him, his music touched my life. It made me sad, it made me happy, the whole rollercaster of emotions. He meant so much to so many people. I still can’t quite believe he has gone, but I like to think he is rocking it out with Jim (Steinman) in heaven. In his words, Never Ever Ever Stop Rocking! The Beat Is Yours Forever.