What I write about

What I write about

I write everything from crime to comedy. Because I am an actor as well, I write scripts, I have got a lot on the go at the moment.

My book, The Winning Ticket, is in the middle of being written.

I also have started writing my autobiography, I Know How To Fall Over.

I have written lots of short stories and even branched out into poetry.

My latest big ambition is to write a script or story called I Am Here, highlighting the difficulties disabled people face.

My current scripts are:

The Last Teabag – A spoof of the Royal Family.

Costa Lotta – Political satire set in a fictional Houses of Parliament crossed with a Costa Coffee bar.

The Keyless Konundrum – Clueless thieves who steal cars using the latest technology and the scrapes they get into.

Paradise in Lost – A murder strikes in a utopian setting.

The Choice – A teacher has to choose between love and her career.

Chancey Acquaintance – Two people meet by chance in Cologne, but nothing is as it seems.

All About Laura Waters – A girl with a boring, humdrum life gets transformed when something strange happens!

Discriminatory actions – This script aims to tackles the subject of disability and adoption.

Confused.com – A short about confusion.

If you go down to the woods today – A comedy horror set in snow-covered woods.

These scripts are a work in progress. I am open to ideas, so feel free to contact me.