Latest News

Latest News

Here is all the latest news from my writing exploits:

I have started Chapter 8 of my book ‘The Winning Ticket’, about a man who wins the chance to stop a musical from closing. I am still on my first draft so it is far from finished! However, it would like a sneak peek of Chapter 1, I will be uploading it very soon.

Costa Lotta is my comedic take on the year running up to Brexit. We all knew that anything to do with Brexit was rather boring, so I didn’t include much about Brexit itself! It’s a great read and I enjoy writing it. I have just finished Chapter 6, and Chapter 7 will be coming soon.

Finally for this post, I got told my short story The Burglary Committed by Mutants could be turned into a children’s book. That idea has yet to get off the ground, but I will keep you informed!

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