Beauty needs no explanation

Beauty needs no explanation

Adonis had always wondered what it would be like to live in a perfect world. Free from all the stresses of modern life as he knew it, it would be great. If only it could become reality…

Everything was perfect about this place, a utopia of sorts. He stumbled across a sign that read, in big gold lettering, ‘Welcome to Obsidian, your new alternate universe.’ He was experiencing a range of emotions, from anxiety to fear. He considered himself to be gallant and brave, but standing at the entrance of the unknown, he wasn’t feeling that now.

After opening the door, he took the first few steps into his new home.

The first thing he noticed was the people; the place had quite a healthy population who all seemed to be happy. It had an air of positivity, full of childlike innocence, loads of things to see and do, magical offshoots to explore, places to go, birds singing, flowers growing in fields awash with colour and life. There were also structures that had been built, he guessed, by the people who lived here. He couldn’t quite believe it. Everything was so wonderful – surely there’s a catch? There didn’t seem to be anyone in charge though – were the people here left to fend for themselves? Or maybe this new world was created by an unseen entity, another being from another planet.

Adonis was quite a handsome man with dark, lightly curled hair and eyes like silver lightning. His skin was an ochre colour, much like the mellow-brown light that bathed Obsidian at the moment. He was quite tanned, as he had spent most of his early teenage years outside, and he was extremely physically fit. He had a zest for life and a very passionate personality, but this also led him to being naïve.

He was still working this all out, although he guessed he’d never get most of his questions answered that were going around inside his head. Why was he here? Why was everyone here? Who was everyone? How did they get here?

Angel was gorgeous. He was trying not to stare, but couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Her face was like the fire-gold glow of dawn. She had eyes the colour of milk chocolate and was impeccably dressed. Fine white silks popped against the deep bronze of her skin.

He decided to be bold and introduce himself.

‘Hi, I’m Adonis,’ he stuttered.

 ‘The new blood?’

‘Yes, I suppose I am.’

‘I don’t normally do this, but would you like to have a drink sometime?’

‘Why me?’ Angel responded.

‘You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and it would be an honour to get to know you.’

Adonis and Angel arranged a time to get to know each other. He told her how he came to be here, his plans for the future, and basically everything about himself. They loved each other’s company.

Not a bad way to spend life, with the girl you adore…