Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023

Though not strictly (well, not at all really) about Christmas, I was given a writing prompt – Big Red Hat. So, here is this year’s Christmas poem, The Big Red Hat:

The lady with the big red hat turns up every day

Even when it is dank, wet and grey

She only walks, and does not say anything

The lady with the big red hat.

She is joined by a gentleman with a big red hat

Well, what do you think about that?

Oh, now there’s a sight, joined by a cat

All in the same place, wearing a big red hat.

Just then, a man joined them, but his hat was green

The lady said it was the ugliest sight she had ever seen

In a rather headmistress-y way, the lady said

Get that monstrosity off your head.

The man was gone before she could say sorry

But just then appeared pink hats being delivered by a lorry

The lady said, “First that awful green, now horrible pink,

“They both belong down the kitchen sink.”

In a another shop, aa hat all in white

“My, oh my, what a hideous sight”

And hats in other colours, but not one in red

”There’s nothing here for me,” she said

Soon enough she was back home

Reunited with her big red hat

No more green, pink, or colours that are tat

The lady sat there in the big red hat