My first story

My first story

I have just published my first story on the site. I hope you enjoy!

The story is set in a college, and it is about two students who don’t know if they have feelings for each other. I tried to portray every emotion two people go through as they get together and then the obstacles they come across in the course of the relationship. There are some sexual references, and some readers may ask why I needed to include them, but I feel that they add to the story, as, at that point, we read about the various rollercoaster of feelings that happen when a couple spend their first night together.

So, with that in mind, go and read my first story, The Choice!

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  1. Hi Tom
    I like your site. Clean and simple, and easy to navigate. Great start. I look forward to seeing it gradually filling up with your stories and poems. Keep writing.

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