My main genre

My main genre

The main genre I write about is crime. If it involves a bit of horror, I’ll include that too. Look out for more crime stories coming soon, and teasers dotted around the site.

I do write about other themes (see What I Write About) but my main subject is Crime, I have been told by friends that my writing is too dark, which leads to them asking the question, Why do I like writing about crime so much?

The answer to that question is simply because I like writing about it. Not only that, but I like reading it and watching it. I hope you will like reading my crime stories (I say ‘will’ because the only story on here is a romantic story!) I have received great feedback from my friends and my classmates (on my creative writing and Write to Publish courses.) If you don’t like reading one, you will like reading the next one. There is something for everybody.

My greatest inspiration is Peter James. I love the way he writes, and his fictional detective Roy Grace is one of the greats. Very enjoyable, I get lost in his stories and can’t put them down (obviously sometimes I have to!)

I want this site to be fully interactive, so please tell me:

What is your favourite thing about the crime genre?

Also, what genre(s) do you like to read?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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